Speedball Speed Screens (3 pack)

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Speedball's Speed Screens answer the call to have an easy-to-use and affordable way to screenprint, no matter your experience level!

Whether printing at home, studio or classroom, these ready-to-use mesh sheets allow you to create permanent photographic stencils without the need to mix emulsion or coat a screen - all you need is your design and you're ready to print!

If you're already stocked up on all the inks and tools you need to get started, the Speed Screens 3-pack is the ideal option.

Speedball’s Speed Screens™ are pre-coated emulsion sheets negating the need for mixing and coating like what is needed for traditional photo emulsion screen printing. There is no need for chemicals or time waiting for your screen to dry. The best part is your Speed Screen exposes in 1 minute! The Speed Screens are light sensitive and are kept in a black bag to prevent any unintentional exposure.

The Speed Screen has two sides, an exposure side (shiny, thick and bright red) and the squeegee side (dark pink). When it's removed from the bag, the white carrier sheet is on top of the exposure side of the sheet to protect the emulsion. You will need to remove this carrier sheet before exposing your Speed Screen.

See Speedball's Speed Screen User Manual here

Use Speedball’s Speed Screens with the Speedball UV light.