Procion MX Dyes by Jacquard

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Procion MX dyes are fibre-reactive cold water dyes. They are fixed chemically instead of with heat. They are perfect for tie-dye, batik, shibori, ice dyeing, bucket and low water immersion dyeing, printing, direct painting and other dye applications.

As a fibre-reactive dye, Procion MX forms a strong covalent bond with cellulosic fibres, making it permanent and wash-fast. Mix the concentrated dye powder with tap water to create vibrant colours for cotton, linen and other plant-based fabrics. Procion MX dyes are typically used with a soda ash fixative, which can be added directly to the dye bath or used to pretreat the fabric.

Typically, one 2/3 oz/18.71 g bottle will dye more than 1 lb/0.45 kg of dry fabric (very bright colours will require more dye and pastel colours will require less).

Use on cellulose fibres: cotton, linen, canvas, hemp, jute, ramie, sisal, paper, rayon and more. Will also work on silk. 

To start with, we recommend you purchase Lemon Yellow, Fuchsia & Turquoise. These three colours will give you a vast array of brights.

On the colour chart * indicates Pure / Standardized Colours

18.71g (2/3oz) pot