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  • Toning Cyanotypes

    Toning Cyanotypes

    Did you know that Cyanotype prints don't always have to be blue? They can be toned and even bleached to alter their colour. The key is to use anything with a high tannin content. Tannins are commonly found in the bark of trees, leaves, buds, stems, fruits, seeds, roots, an. . .
  • Meet The Maker - Angela Hall

    Meet The Maker - Angela Hall

    My name is Angela Hall, I’m an artist and silkscreen printer based in North Yorkshire, and I have been making and selling my limited-edition prints for the last 5 years from my studio, specialised print events and regional galleries. 

    My creative journey started with a degree in Graphic Design from Bath Academy of Art in the 1980’s, then progressed into working within the design and print industry, before a career change working within com. . . 

  • Blind Embossing with Lino

    Blind Embossing with Lino

    Blind embossing is a beautiful way in which to add light and shadow to your prints. Embossing adds subtle texture and interest. Emboss prints ‘blind’ (without ink) or combine with inked lino for a complex final print. Prepare the design. These white pencils are brilliant for drawing designs onto traditional lino. The marks show up … Continue reading "Blind Embossing with Lino"
  • Meet The Maker: Rob Jones

    Meet The Maker: Rob Jones

    I am a textiles artist working with Japanese techniques such as Shibori, shaped resist and Katagami stencilling (using indigo to dye the fabric). I also work with formal Japanese embroidery techniques - Sashiko and Kogin (counted thread) embroidery as well...

  • Using Pearl Ex Metallic Pigments to Enhance Linocuts

    Using Pearl Ex Metallic Pigments to Enhance Linocuts

    Pearl Ex Powdered Pigments are metallic pigments that can be mixed into printing inks, acrylics, oils, encaustics and loads more. As printmakers we were keen to see how they could be used in various printmaking ap. . . 
  • Meet The Maker - Rebecca Perdue

    Meet The Maker - Rebecca Perdue

    Hello! I'm Rebecca Perdue. I am a printmaker and artist based in a small garden studio in Wiltshire. I work primarily in linocut and monoprint, but also paint and make occasional silver jewellery pieces and textiles. I'm very interested in linking...

  • Meet The Maker: Duncan Tattersall

    Meet The Maker: Duncan Tattersall

    I’m an artist and maker from southern Scotland, designing and hand printing bespoke textiles for interiors. My work focuses on the relationship between pattern & place; all of my designs are inspired by a particular location and aim to interpret...

  • Introduction to Linocut Tools

    Introduction to Linocut Tools

    As printmakers, we know that having good tools can be a game changer when it comes to your printmaking practice. There are lots of lino and wood cutting tools to choose from so read on for a breakdown of the...

  • Meet The Maker: Kathryn Green

    Meet The Maker: Kathryn Green

    I am a textile artist and tutor, specialising in dye and print processes to create organic, layered and textural art textile pieces for exhibition, in addition to cap...
  • Meet The Maker: Ariana Martin

    Meet The Maker: Ariana Martin

    Hi, I’m Ariana - a pattern designer and printmaker from leafy Sheffield. I create joyful patterns and illustrations, which are particularly inspired by 20th century design, and I produce my own range of stationery and homewares.     Describe your printmaking...

  • Choosing Printmaking Paper

    Choosing Printmaking Paper

    Choosing the paper for your printmaking project can have a significant impact on the way the print turns out. Changing the colour, thickness or tex. . . 

  • Ian Burke print

    Meet The Maker: Ian Burke

    Ian Burke is a Painter Printmaker based in the North Yorkshire Moors. My printmaking process is relief printmaking, either in wood or linoleum, carved or etched. It is the most direct translation or transcription of my drawing technique which is both bold and graphic.
  • Glossary of Printmaking Terminology

    Glossary of Printmaking Terminology

    Scroll through the list below to find definitions and explanations of common printmaking terms: Acid-free – refers to papers that are made with an alkaline pulp, usually with calcium carbonate added. Acids contribute to the deterioration of paper and therefore of prints. Aisuki – a rounded, bevelled chisel tool used in Japanese Woodblock Printing, often …
  • In the Studio 2023

    In the Studio 2023

    We've been looking back on all our studio highlights for 2023, and what a year it's been! If you took part in one of our Fab Fridays, attended a workshop, or used the studio for open access - thanks for being...

  • Meet the Maker: 2023 Round Up!

    Meet the Maker: 2023 Round Up!

    What a fantastic array of makers we've had featured on our Meet the Maker blog this year. We've put together a round up for you with all of the wonderful advice our makers have given for creatives at any stage of their cre. . .
  • Mark Making - Using Resists

    Mark Making - Using Resists

    Using tools on your plate isn’t the only way you can create marks within an etching. You can also use resists to stop the mordant from reaching the surface of your plate. Resists can help achieve more subtle marks and washes, and they...
  • Meet the Maker: Sue Lewry

    Meet the Maker: Sue Lewry

    How and where did you learn to print? A decade ago, when I first stepped into a print workshop, I met print technician and artist India Ritchie, who taught me various printmaking methods while studying at Arts University in Plymouth. India taught me intaglio, relief, and screen print processes, giving me a well-rounded insight into print. The workshop became a playg. . .

  • Designing a Repeat Block by Hand

    Designing a Repeat Block by Hand

    Visualising what your design will look like when printed can be the hardest thing about designing a repeat pattern. We have a good method for sketching out your initial design to see how it will work when it is printed. For this project, we. . .
  • Easy Christmas Cards Six Ways

    Easy Christmas Cards Six Ways

    We’ve had a lot of fun this week working on easy, quick and fun ways to print your own Christmas cards! We’ve come up with six simple ways for you to try. Take a look at our instructions below and have a go yourself.   Bah Humbug Lino Printed Card This two-layered lino card is quick, …
  • Meet the Maker: Grace Gillespie

    Meet the Maker: Grace Gillespie

    Hello! I’m Grace Gillespie, a printmaker specialising in reduction linocuts and based in Bristol. Most days you will find me in my teeny home studio, adding layers of colour to my prints, thinking about future designs or working o. . .