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  • Meet the Maker: Ruby & Bean

    Meet the Maker: Ruby & Bean

    We, Amy and Louise, started Ruby and Bean because we wanted to provide a range of clothing which not only gave positive messages to all who wore them but also a range of clothing that would suit the demands of an entire family – being able to buy for all the family under one roof … Continue reading "Meet the Maker: Ruby & Bean"
  • How to Use Tjantings to Make a Batik

    How to Use Tjantings to Make a Batik

    Tjantings (or cantings) are beautiful Javanese tools for applying wax to cloth when making a batik. They have a long handle and a little copper or brass pot with a spout from which melted wax is let out. Read more
  • Meet the Maker: Mat Pringle

    Meet the Maker: Mat Pringle

    I’m an Illustrator, Printmaker and Arts Educator based in Margate.  I used to love drawing as child but it took a long time to find my way back to art, spending my twenties in a variety of unfulfilling jobs before studying Digital Design at the London College of Communication.  After a few years of being … Continue reading "Meet the Maker: Mat Pringle"
  • How to Make a Sgraffito Batik

    How to Make a Sgraffito Batik

    Sgraffito is a fast batik technique in which positive marks are scratched into the surface of the wax and filled with ink. Use sgraffito in combination with other batik methods or make a speedy sgraffito batik like in the project below: Begin by pinning out your fabric. Pre-washed, 100% cotton works best – we use … Continue reading "How to Make a Sgraffito Batik"
  • Meet the Maker: Tweeny

    Meet the Maker: Tweeny

    I’m Christina, also known by the moniker Tweeny. I’m a designer by day, living and working in the beautiful city of Bath, and an artist-printmaker in my free time. I mainly do lino printing, but like to experiment with other processes. Describe your printmaking process. I tend to sketch out ideas first, either on paper … Continue reading "Meet the Maker: Tweeny"