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  • Meet the Maker: Turid Monteith

    Meet the Maker: Turid Monteith

    I’m Turid, I live in West Sussex. I’m a mum of three teenagers and owner of two cats and a nutty spaniel called Peggy. I was a teacher then children’s counsellor, but gave that up a few years ago, and took the plunge with setting up a small business. Now I’m lucky enough to balance … Continue reading "Meet the Maker: Turid Monteith"
  • Which Carbon Paper Should I Use?

    Which Carbon Paper Should I Use?

    When transferring designs to a block, there are several factors to consider: can the design be seen on the block? Will it wash off? Will the design be transferred to the print? In this project, we test two different carbon papers on six different relief blocks. We test them with three types of ink: waterbased, water …
  • Meet the Maker: Paperwilds

    Meet the Maker: Paperwilds

    My name is Freya Scott and I am a book binder, photographer and marbler. I work mostly out of a studio in London, but I also work across the country teaching, especially in the West Country where I am an instructor with Bound by Veterans, a charity that helps sick and injured veterans to gain … Continue reading "Meet the Maker: Paperwilds"
  • Ironing the Wax out of a Batik

    Ironing the Wax out of a Batik

    Making a batik is the satisfying process of layering wax and dye to create bold, intricate designs. The more layers of dye and wax that are added, the thicker and stiffer the fabric will become. At the end of this process, you’re left with a hard, milky-looking piece of cloth. Here’s how to iron the … Continue reading "Ironing the Wax out of a Batik"
  • Meet the Maker: Ian Mowforth

    Meet the Maker: Ian Mowforth

    I am a painter and printmaker. I have experimented with pretty much every type of material and process over the years. I always return to painting and printing though. Describe your printmaking process. I am usually a Lino artist. I have returned to etching and lithography this year too. I love the immediacy of Lino. … Continue reading "Meet the Maker: Ian Mowforth"