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  • Choosing Printmaking Paper

    Choosing Printmaking Paper

    Choosing the paper for your printmaking project can have a significant impact on the way the print turns out. Changing the colour, thickness or tex. . . 

  • Glossary of Printmaking Terminology

    Glossary of Printmaking Terminology

    Scroll through the list below to find definitions and explanations of common printmaking terms: Acid-free – refers to papers that are made with an alkaline pulp, usually with calcium carbonate added. Acids contribute to the deterioration of paper and therefore of prints. Aisuki – a rounded, bevelled chisel tool used in Japanese Woodblock Printing, often …
  • Editioning Prints

    Editioning Prints

    One of the great things about printmaking is that one design can be used to create a whole edition of prints. That being said, editioning is something that some printmakers can find frustrating if you just want to get on with the next design! Knowing how to edition, sign and number your prints can be … Continue reading "Editioning Prints"
  • Japanese Woodblock with Laura Boswell

    Japanese Woodblock with Laura Boswell

    We’ve been thrilled to have Laura Boswell here for two Japanese Woodblock Workshops over four days this week. Laura’s workshops are packed with essential woodblock skills and invaluable advice to get you started with the art of Japanese Woodblock. Over the course of each two day workshop, the techniques are broken down into separate skills … Continue reading "Japanese Woodblock with Laura Boswell"
  • Mokuhanga in Tokyo!

    Mokuhanga in Tokyo!

    I (Shirley) have been on a trip to Tokyo to attend a five day Mokuhanga course (Japanese Woodblock) and to meet with a few of our suppliers. I have never been anywhere like Tokyo before so it was an experience on lots of different levels. I have been lucky enough to attend a couple of … Continue reading "Mokuhanga in Tokyo!"