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  • Should I use Caligo Extender or Opaque White?

    Should I use Caligo Extender or Opaque White?

    When mixing shades of ink, we have the choice to dilute the colour with either Opaque White ink or Extender. Both of these give us different results so which should we choose? We have performed a few experiments to show the difference between mixing with Opaque White and Extender. We have used Cranfield Caligo Safe …
  • Making a Multi-Block Linocut

    Making a Multi-Block Linocut

    A multi-block linocut uses more than one piece of lino to create a layered image. Usually, each block is inked with a separate colour. Where the colours overlap, another colour can be achieved. Multi-block linocuts allow you to partially print an edition and create complete test prints as you can go back to each block…
  • Meet the Maker: Krona Prints

    Meet the Maker: Krona Prints

    I’m Nathalie Krona of Krona Prints. I am a linocut printmaker from Birmingham, England and I currently live in Edinburgh. My most popular prints have been pieces that use multiple blocks. I hand burnish all of my prints and work mainly on paper but occasionally play with fabrics. I’m currently making prints that are re-framing … Continue reading "Meet the Maker: Krona Prints"
  • Editioning Prints

    Editioning Prints

    One of the great things about printmaking is that one design can be used to create a whole edition of prints. That being said, editioning is something that some printmakers can find frustrating if you just want to get on with the next design! Knowing how to edition, sign and number your prints can be … Continue reading "Editioning Prints"
  • Meet the Maker: Susie Hetherington

    Meet the Maker: Susie Hetherington

    I’m a graphic designer primarily, and often work straight to screen, but after having my first daughter I found myself getting back to drawing and enjoyed being more hands on. I began to draw the nature around me and form patterns with the hand drawn elements. This soon progressed to me trying lino block printing. … Continue reading "Meet the Maker: Susie Hetherington"