Blog - April 2019

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  • Relief Printing from Wood Grain

    Relief Printing from Wood Grain

    It can be interesting to include natural textures in our relief prints. Wood grain is a beautiful organic pattern and can be printed especially well if we emphasise the natural grain in the wood. We can do this with a blow torch. Scorch the surface of the wood to bring out the wood grain. (Please be careful … Continue reading "Relief Printing from Wood Grain"
  • Meet the Maker: Kat Flint

    Meet the Maker: Kat Flint

    I’m Kat, and I’m a designer/printmaker from Aberdeen, now living and working in South East London. I make quirky, story-filled linocut prints… I came to printmaking late, and almost by accident, following the birth of my daughter in 2015. I was keen to make my living as a creative working on my own terms in … Continue reading "Meet the Maker: Kat Flint"
  • Monoprinting with Scrim

    Monoprinting with Scrim

    Monoprinting is a lovely technique that allows printmakers to be spontaneous, painterly and experimental. This simple monoprint project produces beautiful delicate prints using a piece of scrim and an etching press.  Begin with a piece of perpex, a plastic inking plate or a sheet of drypoint plastic. use masking tape to tape off a rectangle on your perspex. … Continue reading "Monoprinting with Scrim"