Blog - January 2020

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  • Meet the Maker: Steve Edwards

    Meet the Maker: Steve Edwards

    Printmaker Steve Edwards will be joining us in the Handprinted Studio to teach Multi-Block Etched Lino on Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st June 2020! How and where did you learn to print? Hello my name is Steve Edwards, and I make prints. I was a part-time graphic designer for many years but have always had … Continue reading "Meet the Maker: Steve Edwards"
  • Mono-Screen Printing

    Mono-Screen Printing

    Mono-screen printing is a great way of loosening up your printing style and producing a series of quick, spontaneous prints. Use as a standalone technique or in conjunction with photographic exposed screens, paper stencils and more. We are using a screen that has been exposed using photo emulsion to leave an open rectangle of mesh … Continue reading "Mono-Screen Printing"
  • Meet the Maker: Sue England

    Meet the Maker: Sue England

    Describe your printmaking process. Ideas come first and they can come from anywhere! Landscape and the immediate natural environment is a constant source. I draw and refine and draw again. I collect colours from nature, from magazines, from other people’s work. I like to mess about with different print methods and don’t get to hung … Continue reading "Meet the Maker: Sue England"
  • Block Printed Plant Pot Cover

    Block Printed Plant Pot Cover

    This is a really quick, easy and inexpensive way to change the look of your indoor potted plants. Create a streamlined paper cover printed with your own design. Read on for full instructions or scroll to the bottom for a video of the whole process. You will need a large piece of stiff paper or … Continue reading "Block Printed Plant Pot Cover"