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  • Meet the Maker: Jane Dignum

    Meet the Maker: Jane Dignum

    My name is Jane Dignum and I am a printmaker living in York, North Yorkshire. Although I like to try out lots of printmaking techniques, I tend to focus on Linocut and I also make collages from pieces of my prints. The city of York and the county of Yorkshire are great sources of inspiration … Continue reading "Meet the Maker: Jane Dignum"
  • Making a Reduction Linocut

    Making a Reduction Linocut

    Reduction linocut is one of the printmaking methods favoured by Picasso. To make a reduction linocut we use only a single piece of lino. Layers of colour are printed on top of one another, each from the same block which is carved between each colour. A reduction linocut can be easier to register than a … Continue reading "Making a Reduction Linocut"
  • Meet the Maker: Sean Starwars

    Meet the Maker: Sean Starwars

    We were extremely lucky to be joined by Mississippi-based woodcut printmaker Sean Starwars in our Sussex studio on the 4th of July. Sean joined us for an artist’s talk, demonstration and workshop in which participants could print a woodblock or linocut t-shirt using Speedball Inks! Sean achieved his MFA in Printmaking from Louisiana State University … Continue reading "Meet the Maker: Sean Starwars"
  • Indigo Shibori Dyeing

    Indigo Shibori Dyeing

    Indigo has been used to dye fabric in many cultures for centuries. Traditional Shibori folding techniques combined with indigo dye can create beautiful fabrics with intricate patterns with both subtle and bold shades of blue. Begin by preparing your dye vat. We are using an Indigo Dye Kit that includes all the ingredients for a …