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  • How to Make a Set of Rubber Tangrams

    How to Make a Set of Rubber Tangrams

    Tangrams are a set of seven puzzle pieces all cut from one square. The pieces can be rearranged into lots of different designs, making them a great activity for children. We can make our own set of tangram stamps from a square of Mastercut or other stamp carving material, to be stamped onto paper or …
  • Meet the Maker: Jack Hancock

    Meet the Maker: Jack Hancock

    Hi, I’m Jack, I am an interdisciplinary artist, craftsperson and keen screen-printer. I live on the edge of Dartmoor in Devon with my partner and baby daughter. My day job involves making handmade pewter giftware. I try to squeeze printmaking in between work and family life. Describe your printmaking process. I would love to say …
  • Uses for Zest It Printmakers Washdown

    Uses for Zest It Printmakers Washdown

    We have found Zest It Printmakers Washdown an incredibly useful addition to our studio. It’s designed to remove dried on acrylics and so far has got us out of a couple of scrapes. Here are a few ways to use it in your studio: Removing dried on water-based relief printing inks from rollers, blocks and …
  • Meet the Maker: Moatzart

    Meet the Maker: Moatzart

    Describe your printmaking process. My printmaking process is quite straightforward. I start by sketching out a composition straight on the lino. I sketch this out mainly to see where everything goes, but I don’t do this in a lot of detail regarding how every element or character will look. I then start carving, and that’s …