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  • Glossary of Printmaking Terminology

    Glossary of Printmaking Terminology

    Scroll through the list below to find definitions and explanations of common printmaking terms: Acid-free – refers to papers that are made with an alkaline pulp, usually with calcium carbonate added. Acids contribute to the deterioration of paper and therefore of prints. Aisuki – a rounded, bevelled chisel tool used in Japanese Woodblock Printing, often …
  • Collagraph Printing

    Collagraph Printing

    Collagraphy is a really versatile printing process in which a textured plate is inked up and put through a press. Different textures hold varying amounts of ink and print different tones. Anything with a low relief texture can be stuck down and used: wallpaper, leaves, fabrics, tapes and threads etc. The collagraph plate is …
  • In the Studio 2022

    In the Studio 2022

    We have had the pleasure of hosting lots of new and exciting Fab Friday workshops and wonderful Guest Tutors in 2022, exploring a variety . . .
  • Which Inks Can I Use?

    Which Inks Can I Use?

    Knowing which inks to use for which printing project can be a minefield. There are different inks for screen printing, relief printing and intaglio. Some can be used for more than one technique, some are only suited to one. Some can be used for printing onto fabric, some only for paper. We’ve created a chart … Continue reading "Which Inks Can I Use?"
  • Printing an Easy Card Cut Collagraph

    Printing an Easy Card Cut Collagraph

    Collagraphy is a printing process in which a collaged plate is made and printed from.The different surfaces on the plate print varied tones and textures. Natural materials, papers and mediums can be  added and are usually covered in a layer of shellac or varnish that is left to dry before printing. Here’s our method for …