Blog - May 2018

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  • Oxmarket Exhibition

    Oxmarket Exhibition

    We are very pleased to be showing a great selection of work currently at the Oxmarket in Chichester! This exhibition showcases local art workshops including Artworks Studio, Jo Dowers and Handprinted. We’ve gathered together works by our staff, guest workshop tutors and studio users to showcase some of the techniques that take place in the … Continue reading "Oxmarket Exhibition"
  • Tetra Pak Drypoint and Collagraph Printing

    Tetra Pak Drypoint and Collagraph Printing

    When we first heard the news that Tetra Pak cartons could be used for printmaking, we were excited to try it out. We started to collect all the cartons we had at home and got ready to put them to a new use in the studio. Here’s a little project to get started using Tetra … Continue reading "Tetra Pak Drypoint and Collagraph Printing"
  • Printfest 2018

    Printfest 2018

    City of Gold by Gail Brodholt (image courtesy of Gail Brodholt) Last weekend Shirley took the Handprinted pop up shop to Printfest. Printfest is an annual print fair that takes place each year during the early May bank holiday in Ulverston in the Lake District.  This year saw 46 artists and one gallery take … Continue reading "Printfest 2018"