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  • Drying Prints when Using Oil-Based Inks

    Drying Prints when Using Oil-Based Inks

    The ever-helpful Michael from Cranfield has some top tips for drying prints when working with oil-based inks. We’ve summarised some of his advice to help us with our own printmaking: When working with oil-based inks, the air in the room is very important in order for your prints to dry. The atmosphere should be warm … Continue reading "Drying Prints when Using Oil-Based Inks"
  • Meet the Maker: Mark Jelliman

    Meet the Maker: Mark Jelliman

    How and where did you learn to print? I did a small amount during my degree in Art but didn’t continue as I moved into digital artwork. Being a tattooer, I have always worked in a medium where your canvas leaves with your work at the end of the day. I wanted to get back … Continue reading "Meet the Maker: Mark Jelliman"
  • Printed Christmas Wrapping Tape

    Printed Christmas Wrapping Tape

    When printing wrapping paper is a task too mammoth to tackle, why not print your tape instead? Versacraft Ink Pads and Delicata Metallic Ink pads can be used to print onto paper parcel tape to add some festive fun to your gifts! This is a great project for children once an adult has carved the …
  • Meet the Maker: Damon Roberts

    Meet the Maker: Damon Roberts

    My name is Damon Roberts. I’m a silkscreen artist based in Leeds. I seem to spend my waking hours uncovering what magic can be achieved in this process I’ve chosen to specialise in. Describe your printmaking process. Some of the work I make can be quite complicated in terms of getting the ideas ready for … Continue reading "Meet the Maker: Damon Roberts"
  • Foiled Christmas Card

    Foiled Christmas Card

    This is one of our favourite ways to make a card, and it certainly the quickest! You will need a black toner photocopy of your design. This can be from a carbon photocopier or toner printer. Inkjet will not work with this method. Place the foil shiny side up on the carbon photocopy. Place a …
  • Easy ‘Bah Humbug’ Reduction Linocut Christmas Card

    Easy ‘Bah Humbug’ Reduction Linocut Christmas Card

    This two-layered lino card is quick, easy and so effective on square kraft cards. Print or draw your design onto paper. Trace your design so that it is in reverse. Use a piece of red carbon paper to transfer the design onto a piece of lino. Carve out the unwanted areas of the design with …
  • Drypoint Robin Christmas Card

    Drypoint Robin Christmas Card

    This drypoint card can be traced from a photograph into a simple line drawing. A mono-printed red breast is made with a swipe of an inky thumb and will be slightly different on each card you print! This method uses a press but you can see a press-less method here. Use a piece of drypoint …
  • Easy Stamped Holly Christmas Card

    Easy Stamped Holly Christmas Card

    This card is such a quick make and is so easy to print in large quantities with Versacraft ink pads. A pencil eraser is a resourceful and quick way to print the berries!  Draw the leaf shapes onto a piece of Mastercut or another stamping block. Use a lino tool to carve around the edges …
  • Safeprint Bauble Christmas Card

    Safeprint Bauble Christmas Card

    This is a great option to print with children. Safeprint sheets of polystyrene are brilliant for quick printing. You need hardly any materials – the patterns are printed with the end of a biro! You’ll just need to cut out theshape for them as, to get neat edges, it needs to be done with a …
  • Screen Printed Snowflake Christmas Card

    Screen Printed Snowflake Christmas Card

    These cutout snowflakes make the perfect paper stencils for a screen printed card. Layered up with silver ink, these cards are so Christmassy, we couldn’t stop printing them! To make a snowflake, start with a small square of paper. Fold in half diagonally and then half again. Fold the left side towards the middle and …