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Safeprint Bauble Christmas Card

Safeprint Bauble Christmas Card

This is a great option to print with children. Safeprint sheets of polystyrene are brilliant for quick printing. You need hardly any materials – the patterns are printed with the end of a biro! You’ll just need to cut out the
shape for them as, to get neat edges, it needs to be done with a craft knife.

Draw the shape onto a piece of safeprint with a pencil.

Cut it out using a craft knife.

Unscrew the end of a biro and use it to press circles into the safeprint.

Use the end of the biro ink tube to press in smaller dots. Add detail using a sharp pencil.

Roll out a thin layer of block printing ink onto a tray.

Roll the ink onto the safeprint.

Place the safeprint face down onto a card. Use a dry roller to roll all over the back of the safeprint.

Carefully lift off the safeprint to reveal your print!

To make this card you will need:

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