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  • Meet The Maker: Kathryn Green

    Meet The Maker: Kathryn Green

    I am a textile artist and tutor, specialising in dye and print processes to create organic, layered and textural art textile pieces for exhibition, in addition to cap...
  • Meet the Maker: 2023 Round Up!

    Meet the Maker: 2023 Round Up!

    What a fantastic array of makers we've had featured on our Meet the Maker blog this year. We've put together a round up for you with all of the wonderful advice our makers have given for creatives at any stage of their cre. . .
  • Meet the Makers 2022

    Meet the Makers 2022

    We've had some fantastic makers on our Meet the Maker blog this year and we absolutely love hearing the advice and words of encouragem. . .
  • Meet the Maker: Tens Studio

    Meet the Maker: Tens Studio

    My name is Sam, I own a clothing brand called Tens Studio and I am a textile designer and artist. My work explores the visibility of my heritage and Black British history through sustainable handcrafted textiles. Describe your dyeing process. I make natural dyes using food waste such as onion and avocado skins. I have … Continue reading "Meet the Maker: Tens Studio"
  • Meet the Maker: 2019

    Meet the Maker: 2019

    We have had a huge selection of amazing printmakers for year’s Meet the Maker feature. Take a look through our 2019 list to remind yourself of our makers and catch up of those you may have missed. Start 2020 with a dose of inspiration by reading through all the advice given out from all our … Continue reading "Meet the Maker: 2019"
  • Meet the Maker: Sarah Burns

    Meet the Maker: Sarah Burns

    As a pattern-maker, textile printer and natural dyer – Sarah Burns is passionate about slow, local production that creates beautiful fabric and is kind to our environment. We’re excited to have Sarah in the Handprinted Studio teaching Block Printing with Natural Dyes on Wednesday 20th and Wednesday 27th November 2019. Describe your printmaking process. I … Continue reading "Meet the Maker: Sarah Burns"
  • Meet the Maker: Holly Newnham

    Meet the Maker: Holly Newnham

    Screen Printing in the Handprinted Studio Hello, I’m Holly – many of you will know me from the Handprinted Shop and Studio! Between teaching workshops, creating Handprinted projects and working in the shop I also make my own work which I sell under the name ‘Life the Holly Way’. Carving lino for ‘Venetian Door’ reduction … Continue reading "Meet the Maker: Holly Newnham"
  • Meet the Maker: Arati Devasher

    Meet the Maker: Arati Devasher

    This Meet the Maker post is all about the fabulous Arati Devasher! Arati’s work is beautiful and we are so pleased to be able to share her work and techniques with you:   I’m a book designer by profession and an artist by inclination… the structure required by book design can be restricting so it’s … Continue reading "Meet the Maker: Arati Devasher"