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  • Toning Cyanotypes

    Toning Cyanotypes

    Did you know that Cyanotype prints don't always have to be blue? They can be toned and even bleached to alter their colour. The key is to use anything with a high tannin content. Tannins are commonly found in the bark of trees, leaves, buds, stems, fruits, seeds, roots, an. . .
  • Meet The Maker - Angela Hall

    Meet The Maker - Angela Hall

    My name is Angela Hall, I’m an artist and silkscreen printer based in North Yorkshire, and I have been making and selling my limited-edition prints for the last 5 years from my studio, specialised print events and regional galleries. 

    My creative journey started with a degree in Graphic Design from Bath Academy of Art in the 1980’s, then progressed into working within the design and print industry, before a career change working within com. . . 

  • Using Pearl Ex Metallic Pigments to Enhance Linocuts

    Using Pearl Ex Metallic Pigments to Enhance Linocuts

    Pearl Ex Powdered Pigments are metallic pigments that can be mixed into printing inks, acrylics, oils, encaustics and loads more. As printmakers we were keen to see how they could be used in various printmaking ap. . .