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  • Meet the Maker: James Green

    Meet the Maker: James Green

    My name is James Green and I’m an artist and printmaker based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. I specialise in linocut and screen-print and have been working in these mediums for around sixteen years. Nine years ago I decided to give up my ‘proper’ job to concentrate on doing this full-time. My subjects range from landscapes … Continue reading "Meet the Maker: James Green"
  • Meet the Maker: Gemma Dunn

    Meet the Maker: Gemma Dunn

    I am a painter and printmaker from Salisbury, Wiltshire. I have a background in product design but my love of materials and traditional craftsmanship led me to pursue a career in fine art. I am happiest outdoors and when I’m not occupied with my two young children I can usually be found working on something … Continue reading "Meet the Maker: Gemma Dunn"
  • Heat Transfer Printing a Collage

    Heat Transfer Printing a Collage

    Transfer printing is a quick and playful printmaking method. The dyes require no fixative – only heat! They can be mixed up and left in a covered pot to use another day – they should keep indefinitely. Pour 100ml of warm water into a pot. Sprinkle 1tsp transfer dye onto the water. Use colours straight …