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  • Printfest 2019

    Printfest 2019

    We took our pop up shop to Printfest in Ulverston once again this year. Printfest is an annual celebration of print that runs during the first weekend of May in Ulverston, Cumbria. There are 49 printmakers who exhibit there showing a wide range of techniques. It is lovely being able to meet and talk through …
  • Cyanotype


    Cyanotype is an early photographic process that uses two solutions (Potassium Ferricyanide and Ferric Ammonium Citrate) to create an image or ‘blueprint’. It was introduced by John Herschel in 1842 as a way to copy notes but was brought to the photographic world by Anna Atkins the following decade through her photograms of algae, seaweed, …
  • Meet the Maker: Anne Desmet RA

    Meet the Maker: Anne Desmet RA

    I was born in 1964 and brought up in Liverpool. I have BFA and MA degrees in Fine Art from Oxford University, a Postgraduate Diploma in Printmaking from Central School of Art, London, and in 2018 was elected an Honorary Fellow of Worcester College, Oxford University, for ‘distinction in the world of art’. I exhibit … Continue reading "Meet the Maker: Anne Desmet RA"
  • Meet the Maker: Kaylene Alder

    Meet the Maker: Kaylene Alder

    Hello! I’m Kaylene. I’m an illustrator, printmaker and teacher.I’m originally from Canada but I now live and work in South East London with my Mr, two kids and two cats. I make quirky screenprints and linocuts – usually with a planty theme of some sort. I began Plant Prints for Peace after the birth of … Continue reading "Meet the Maker: Kaylene Alder"
  • Meet the Maker: Ink and Bear

    Meet the Maker: Ink and Bear

    Describe your processes. I tend to think about an idea for a while and scribble mini sketches in the back of my diary until I’m more sure what I want to create – and then it’s over to the computer and my tablet to draw up the idea digitally. Once I’ve got the design ready … Continue reading "Meet the Maker: Ink and Bear"