Handprinted’s Guide to Screen Printing onto Paper

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This booklet is your guide to screen printing onto paper. Work through the steps to make your own prints at home and learn tips and tricks to get the best results.

Screen printing is a method in which a squeegee is used to force ink through a fine mesh onto a flat surface. A stencil can be used to block areas of the surface from receiving ink, creating a design.

When using a paper stencil, you can print multiples of your design quickly and simply – perfect for printing at home!

A5 148mm x 210mm Stapled Booklet. 12pp.

Covered in this booklet:

What you'll need to get you started
Setting up your hinged board and registration film
Creating your paper stencil
Taping your screen
Positioning your stencil
The clean-up
Preparing your registration film
Registering your second layer
+ Lots of helpful tips and tricks!