Madder Cutch & Co - Natural Dye Screen Printing Ink

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A unique range of water-based screen printing inks using natural pigments from Madder Cutch & Co. Available in 100ml and 270ml pots.

  • Ready to use

  • Easy to mix to make your own lovely colours

  • For screen printing and block printing light-coloured natural fabrics

  • Soft handle

  • Colourfast at 30°C (except Tickencote pink*). Cool temperatures and a detergent without optical whiteners, (I recommend Ecover) should be used when washing the fabrics after printing and heat setting.

  • Heat setting is essential for a colourfast finish. Heat set at 160°C for 2 to 3 minutes (an iron can be used)

  • Store at cool temperatures and out of sunlight to protect the shelf life

  • The colours are not all fully lightfast and it is advisable to keep all printed products protected from strong light, to maintain their quality.


Natural Pigments:

Burghley Blue - Indigo

Collyweston Slate - Charcoal

Empingham Woad - Woad

Box Green - Chlorophyll

Madder Red - Madder

Tickencote - Cochineal

Madder Rose - Madder

Harringworth Hay - Old Fusic


* Please note: Tickencote pink is made from Cochineal and even after heat setting it can bleed if left wet for a prolonged time, so it is advisable to wash and dry immediately.

Made in Stamford UK by Madder Cutch & Co.