Permaset Puff Paste

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Permaset Puff Paste can be mixed with Permaset Aqua Textile Inks and Permaset Aqua Supercover Textile Inks to create a puffed effect when cured. 

Permaset Puff Paste gives a raised, textured feel to prints on fabric. The print will swell with a vertical rise when it is heat cured to give a 3D puffed effect. The print will have a soft textured feel whilst maintaining excellent definition.

Puff paste can be mixed with textile ink in various ratios. The more puff paste you add, the more it puffs, but the weaker the colour.

Permaset Puff Paste is wash and dry-clean resistant.

Heat fix once all the water has evaporated from the print. After printing, air dry fr 15 minutes. Once dry, cure in an oven for 4-5 minutes at 160°C. Curing at temperatures that are too low can result in inadequate cure (and therefore little or no rise of the print) while curing at temperatures that are too high can result in over cure of the print causing poor adhesion to the fabric or puffing component to collapse.

Use with a 32T or 43T mesh. Two pulls of the squeegee are recommended.

Prior to attempting any print run, experimentation with a test piece is recommended in order to test for adhesion, wash, dry-clean and rub fastness.