ABIG Geared Printing Press - (inc VAT)

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This press can be used for a variety of printmaking methods both relief and intaglio. The frame is made from cast aluminium and fitted with two 80mm diameter steel rollers. Variable pressure can be applied evenly to the upper roller from each end, and the lower roller is easily turned by the handle due to the gears. Each press comes with a printing plate made from a zinc plated steel sheet which is screwed to plywood and moves accurately through the press on guided rollers. If using with lino or any plate that is more than 1mm thick it is helpful to have runners (lengths of lino or wood the same height) - to ensure even pressure. Pressforce approximately 1000kg. Comes with one blanket. These presses are constantly developed and from time to time and engineering improvements are made. 

We have the 50x70 size here is our studio if you would like to come and see one in the flesh.

Available in five different sizes:
30cm x 70cm plate @ £1200 (Net price £1000)
35cm x 70cm plate @ £1275 (Net price £1062.50)
40cm x 70cm plate @ £1350 (Net price £1125)
50cm x 70cm plate @ £1425 (Net price £1187.50) *
60cm x 90cm plate @ £1550 (Net price £1291.67)

These presses have a current lead time of approximately four weeks. Delivery price is £75 for mainland UK which will be added at checkout. Please enquire for price if the delivery address is Highlands or Islands.

 (We are unusual in selling presses at a VAT inclusive price - most other vendors add the VAT at checkout; at Handprinted the price shown is the price you pay.)

If you have any queries about this press please email shop@handprinted.co.uk


* Please note that these presses will now come with the new planetary drive for gearing instead of the spur gear with 2 cogs (see image). There is nearly no difference in the use of the press. The reduction gear ratio is a bit more than 3.5 to 1. This leads to a bit less power needed for turning. The plate moves in the same direction as you turn the handle. In the previous spur gear, the plate moves in the contrary direction as the handle is turned.