Aluminium Ready Meshed Screens

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Aluminium screens are lightweight, very long lasting and cannot warp

Available in 6 sizes:  

20cm x 20cm (Internal area 15cm x 15cm) only available in 43T 

32cm x 32cm (Internal area 25cm x 25cm) only available in 43T

A4 - 32cm x 42cm (Internal area 25cm x 35cm) 32T, 43T, 55T, 77T, 90T and 120T (Prices vary)

A3 - 42cm x 52cm (Internal area 35cm x 45cm) 32T, 43T, 55T, 77T, 90T, 120T (Prices vary)

A3+ - 51cm x 61cm (Internal area 44cm x 54cm) 43T, 77T and 90T (Prices vary)

A2 - 58cm x 78cm (Internal area 50cm x 70cm) 43T and 90T  (Prices vary)

43T (110 US) is the most commonly used mesh designed for textile and general crafts including paper. 90T (230 US) is a finer mesh most suited for fine details on paper.

We also can restretch these for you. Please email for details. 

(Unfortunately, the A2 screens are too large to be sent outside of the UK, or to UK Highlands or Islands)