Custom Film Positive

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We will print your screen design onto film ready to use when exposing your screens. We use a rip to produce high quality, opaque prints for successful exposures.

Available in A4 @ £4, A3 @ £7 and A2 @10.

Email your designs to as a PDF with a resolution of 300dpi.
Artwork must be black and white with no greys (unless a halftone is requested).
Artwork must be flattened with no layers. 
Designs should be sent in the size you wish it to be printed (An A4 document for an A4 screen etc., leaving at least a 2cm gap around the edges)
Text should be rasterized or outlined vector.

Please note that this film must not get wet or be kept in the damp - dampness will turn the film opaque which may cause issues with your exposure. 

Talk to us about half tone images or any other requirements you may have! Once we have checked your image we will send you an invoice and print the positive.

The image above is from a design by Betty Blanche.