Introduction to Katazome paste resist with Rob Jones - 2 day course - Wednesday 31st July and Thursday 1st August 2024

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Wednesday 31st July and Thursday 1st August 2024

10am-4pm (both days)

The Japanese crafts of Katagami (stencil cutting) and Katazome (dyeing using stencils) are ancient ones in Japan, with craftspeople making the most delicate and detailed patterns and representations of nature and Japanese life on fabric.

Katagami stencils are made from Japanese washi paper, soaked and bonded together using the aged juice of the Persimmon fruit and then dried and smoked to create an almost entirely waterproof paper, ideal for stencil work.

On the first day you will use your own design to cut a simple paper stencil using Kakishibugami stencil paper.

You will learn how to make and apply the traditional rice paste used as a resist and start to use Rob's modern and vintage Japanese stencils using indigo dye.

Rob will explain how to set up and maintain an indigo vat for dyeing your work and how to dye and rinse fabric properly with indigo dye.

On the second day you can use your own cut stencil and practise pattern matching with Rob’s stencils to create larger patterns as would have been traditional in Japan.

There will also be time to experiment with overlaying one stencil over another to create different effects.

Rob will also explain about the history of Katagami stencilling in Japan, the four types of stencil cutting techniques, and show you his collection of vintage stencils. You should leave with the skills to cut and dye with your own stencils at home.

The Tutor

Rob Jones, a shibori textiles desinger and natural dyer formed Romor Designs in 2015.

Rob has studied Indigo dyeing, Katagami stencilling, Shashiko, Boro and Shibori extensively in Japan.

Rob’s passion is in finding the new in the old, building on the tradition and centuries of skill that shibori has behind it. He believes in taking work in new directions by combining techniques and inventing his own forms.

Visit for more information and @theromordesigns on Instagram

Rob is also teaching Shibori Resist Dyeing on the preceding two days. The two courses work perfectly together. Shibori and Katazome are two of the main techniques used in Japan to decorate fabric to be made into kimono and other garments. Both have a long history in Japan and produce beautiful fabrics with considerable variation in pattern possible.

All of our workshops take place in our studio at 22 Arun Business Park, Shripney Road, Bognor Regis, PO22 9SX.