Kean Ball Bearing Baren

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This ball bearing baren allows you to handprint various types of relief printing and monotypes to any scale. The baren is made from a disc of high-grade plastic, allowing them to form pressure points for printing. This allows the balls to rotate freely in use which delivers multiple pressure points evenly across the disc. The baren is bound in black leather with a strong leather handle.

Available in two sizes:

Mini - 9cm in diameter with approximately 165 stainless steel balls. If the handle is a bit tight it will easily stretch to suit the size of the hand, some basic hand cream will help soften the leather also.

Large - 13 cm in diameter with approximately 325 stainless steel balls.

Occasional rubbing on an oiled felt pad is the only maintenance required. 

For the best pressure, push down with the knuckles and back heel of the hand, catching the strap with the fingertips only.