Handprinted Exposed Screen Printing Kit for Fabric

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Professional grade screen printing kit for printing onto fabric using an exposed screen. The aluminium screens included are lightweight, very long-lasting and cannot warp.

Exposed screen kit includes:

A4 Exposed screen, 225mm Squeegee, tape, spatula, single black Speedball ink, instructions @ £62.95

A3 Exposed screen, 315mm Squeegee, tape, spatula, single black Speedball ink, instructions @ £84.95

Email us your design and we will expose it onto your aluminium screen.  Please read through the artwork specifications below before sending your designs.

  • A4 (artwork page size 21 x 29.7 cm)
  • A3 (artwork page size 29.7 x 42 cm)

The above sizes refer to the size of the artwork needed for each screen.

Specifications for designs:

  • Artwork must be sent as a PDF with a resolution of 300dpi.
  • Please send your designs in portrait format (even if you will be printing landscape). 
  • Artwork must be black and white with no greys - please make sure that your design is true black (#00000) as this affects the quality of the print. If you would like to discuss half-toned images, please email with your enquiry. 
  • Designs should be sent in the size you wish it to be printed An A4 PDF for an A4 screen etc., leaving at least a 2 cm gap around the edges (included in the A-sized dimensions). This gap is to enable us to produce your film positive- you may need more space around the edges in order to print your design. This depends on whether you are printing using a vacuum bed etc. Please contact us for more advice. Images for the 21 x 21 cm square screens must also be sent on an A4 PDF. The design needs to be no larger than 19 x 19 cm to fit in this sized screen. 
  • The text must be rasterized or outlined vector. Please ensure that artwork is flattened before saving or exporting as a PDF. Editable PDFs can cause loss of layers. 

For a guide on how to prepare artwork for screens, please see our blog post.

Please read our Custom Exposed Screen Terms and Conditions before placing your order. 

Email your designs to shop@handprinted.co.uk Once your artwork has been approved, we will send a summary of your order followed by a link to make payment.

Call us on 01243 696789 for further advice when preparing designs or to send your artwork to place your order.