Pfeil Cutting Tool

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Tool Shape

High quality Pfeil palm handled cutting tool for lino and wood. Precisely ground and polished.

Pear handle, 70mm blade length, 125mm overall length.

Available in the following shapes and sizes:

L11/0.5, L11/1,  L11/3, L9/5, L12/1, L15/2 or L5/8

See photo for the shape of each tool. The first number relates to the shape of the tool where the larger the number, the steeper the angle. The second number is the width of the tool in mm across the opening. 

L11/0.5 = steep curve, 0.5mm wide
L11/1 = steep curve, 1mm wide
L11/2 = steep curve, 2mm wide
L11/3 = steep curve, 3mm wide
L9/5 = shallow curve, 5mm wide
L12/1 = 60 degree V tool, 1mm wide
L15/2 = 45 degree V tool, 2mm wide
L5/8 = very shallow curve, 8mm wide