Screen Printing on Textiles - The Complete Guide by Sue Westergaard

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Screenprinting is essentially a stencil method of printing but is has vast potential. This beautiful book explains the techniques behind the art and introduces ideas to explore its exciting and versatile qualities. Packed with step-by-step sequences and practical advice, it not only explains the process but inspires designers and makers to experiment with the creative potential of this striking art form.

Included in this book:

Introduction to the basic technical aspects of printing on fabric, as well as the equipment and materials.

Gives ideas for designing and developing different types of motifs, images, patterns and repeats are given and how to combine the different elements together

Covers effective low-tech methods that exploit physical skills and simple tools, as well as contemporary printed textile practice with digital input and sophisticated technologies.

Advises on the use of colour, and gives dye recipes and instructions for their use on fabric.

Includes methods such as cross dyeing, crimping and mark making on fabric, which can be used in conjunction with screenprinting.

Encourages play and experimentation, and explains how to design and print large-scale fabrics.

Showcases a wide range of screen printed samples made by leading designers and advises how to embellish and finish fabric.

Hardback. 224 pages. 260 x 215 mm.