SLAMA Press - Ball Graphic Press

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The SLÁMA Press is a unique tool offering user-friendly and fun hand printing. 

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Simple and safe to use. Use like a baren - place a sheet of paper on top of an inked block, use one hand to hold the paper still and, taking the press into your other hand, place it onto the paper and move it around until the desired print is achieved. The printing technique does not require great physical force as the press is weighted. 

Available in three types plus an additional weight:

Small SLAMA Press - 75 x 50mm, 550g, stainless steel, 50 balls of 6mm diameter.

Large SLÁMA Press (60) - 118 x 135mm,  1570g, stainless steel and wood, 60 balls of 10mm diameter. Recommended for papers thicker than 250gsm.

Large SLÁMA Press (150) - 118 x 135mm, 1520g, stainless steel and wood, 150 balls of 6mm diameter. Recommended for papers up to 250gsm. 

Additional Weight - 110 x 10mm, 1000g, Nickel plated steel. New heavier weight as of April 2021. Slot the weight on top of the press. Suitable for the large presses only. Multiple weights can be used. 

Each press comes in its own wooden box stand for desk or wall storage and display.

To maintain the press, unscrew the lower bolt and take out the ball cage. Remove any impurities from the inside of the body of the press. After cleaning, screw the cage back on. The balls can be gently lubricated with oil by running the press on slightly oiled paper. 

See the large press in action.

See the small and large presses in action.