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True-Grain Textured Drafting Film. 40cm x 61cm.

True-Grain is a unique high-quality textured polyester drafting film which holds tone. It is a technological breakthrough in creating hand-drawn prints. Its unique textured surface and very high level of transparency allow the reproduction of very subtle washes and marks without the intermediate stage of photography or laser scanning.

It is the unique textured surface of True-Grain that holds the tone. As the wash gradually dries, deep pits in the film catch the tiny particles of pigment suspended within the wash, producing the halftones for transfer to photo-sensitive screens and plates.

A selection of standard drawing materials can be used on True-Grain such as pencil, 9B graphite sticks, and graphite dust rubbed into the surface texture of the film. Charcoal, black oil pastels, water-soluble pencils and crayons and waterproof and water-soluble marker pens. Indian and Sumi ink can also be used straight or diluted with water to create washes.