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Colour Blending with Versacraft and Mastercut

Colour Blending with Versacraft and Mastercut

There is so much that you can do with Versacraft Ink Pads. You can use them to print on paper, shrink plastic, polymer clay, wood, porcelain, leather and fabric. Our latest project for these versatile ink pads is colour blending. Here’s how we used Mastercut and Versacraft to make a printed tea towel:

Start by drawing onto your stamping material with a soft pencil. We are using a piece of 100x100mm Mastercut.

Cut out your design using a scalpel or blade. Mastercut is soft and very easy to cut so fairly detailed shapes can be achieved.

Use a lino cutting tool to cut detail into your stamp.

Use the Versacraft Ink Pads to cover the stamp in ink. We started with one base colour all over the stamp. This Cerulean Blue is stunning for our cornflower print.

Next, take a kitchen sponge and cut it into a few smaller pieces. You can use these pieces of sponge to transfer the ink from the ink pad to the stamp. Try to keep separate pieces of sponge for the different ink pads so not to mix up the colours on the pads.

You can blend as many colours as you like onto the stamp. Keep adding until you are happy with how it looks.

Place the stamp face down onto your surface. We are printing onto a tea towel. Press down all over the back of your stamp with the flat of your hand. Make sure to press down over all of the edges.

Carefully lift your stamp to reveal your print! This print is a blend of Cerulean, Midnight and Forest Versacraft pads.

For a zingy centre of this next print, we added Lemon Yellow.

Here we went for dusty hues with Wisteria, Cerulean and Ultramarine.

Each print can be completely individual.

We have printed our cornflowers in a scatter pattern on our tea towel. The slightly different colour ways look fantastic all together and covering the whole surface did not take long to do!

When your prints are dry, heat set them with an iron. This means that they will be permanent and washable.


Our finished tea towel!

You will need:


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