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In the Studio 2023

In the Studio 2023

We've been looking back on all our studio highlights for 2023, and what a year it's been! If you took part in one of our Fab Fridays, attended a workshop, or used the studio for open access - thanks for being a part of our studio! We hope to see you back again in 2024!

Workshops and Guest Tutors

We hosted some fabulous workshops with some tutors coming back in 2024 to teach again! 

Sean Starwars delivered a roller coaster ride of a talk and a fun-filled workshop, allowing us to print tees using his pre-cut woodblocks! 

 Helen Murgatroyd taught multiblock linocut, showing us how to expertly register and align all our blocks to make the perfect print! 


Koshu guided us through the ancient art of chop carving, expertly showing us how to design and carve our own chop blocks. 

Robin Mackenzie brought a wealth of wisdom and knowledge when he came to teach wood engraving! Everyone produced amazing work in such a short time. Robin will be back in April 2024

Jonny Hannah brought his anarchic energy into the studio with some experimental screen printing. Jonny will be back in May 2024
Charles Shearer guided us gently through the world of collagraph prints, fascinating us with his printmaking stories and creative thinking. 

Kathryn Green delivered a six-week workshop on screen printing with Procion MX Dyes, including the very interesting method of breakdown printing! Kathryn will be back in May 2024

Sue Brown continued to wow us with her amazing mixed media techniques, with both courses being thoroughly enjoyed by all attendees. Sue will be back in July 2024

Tricia Johnson taught us life drawing, but with a printmaking twist! Students learnt how to capture shapes and forms using mono screen print and a live model. Tricia will be back in April 2024

Paul Catherall taught an extensive linocut workshop, inspired by his brutalist architectural prints. Paul will be back in April 2024

Sarah Campbell adorned our studio with her passionately patterned fabrics. She shared with us her valuable knowledge of making patterns and fabric painting. Sarah will be back in April and September 2024!

Jenny McCabe shared her technical knowledge on aluminium plate etching, helping all students to create wonderful prints with varied marks. Jenny will be back in October 2024!

Handprinted goes to Frankfurt

Bridget and Shirley took a trip to Frankfurt to visit Creativeworld – the world's largest trade fair for artists’ supplies. They touched base with some of our suppliers including Konrad from ABIG (pictured below). We also met Woodzilla Presses, and now we are a UK supplier for them! 

Shirley’s Trip to Japan

Shirley headed out to Japan in October and visited so many beautiful art shops. She discovered new suppliers, and took a tour around the Awagami Paper Factory! 

We followed her progress with envious eyes, but we forgave her when she came back with lots of lovely snacks for us to eat - and new exciting printmaking tools to test, including this Very Fine V gouge, which is now in stock!   

20:20 Print Exchange

This year, we had a total of 20 entries for the 20:20 Print Exchange! Each artist produced a print, 20cm x 20cm in size, and printed 25 in the edition. In return, we all received a box of 20 prints from other participants around the world! 

The print exchange is run by Hot Bed Press Studio in Salford. Thought to be one of the biggest print exchanges in the world, this year over 40 studio groups took part! 


Studio Improvements and Going Green

 Our shop in Bognor Regis had a little makeover to the front, thanks to Crucial Projects for the brand refresh! We also had some building work to extend the floor space in the studio upstairs, providing a little more space for more printmaking activities. And now we’re a little greener thanks to the solar panels we had installed on the roof!

Wishing all the best to our customers for 2024! 

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