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Printing with Heat Stamps

Printing with Heat Stamps
If you haven’t tried printing with Heat Stamps yet, this is your new project. It’s really quick to create a unique block that can be reused again and again to create different textures and patterns. All you need is a heat gun and a variety of objects and surfaces to create your stamps.
Arrange a collection of low relief objects or find a texture that you would like to replicate.
Heat your stamp with a heat gun until the surface is pretty hot – don’t go too close to the stamp with the heat gun or you will damage the surface – learn
from my mistakes).
Press the hot side of your block into the objects or surface and hold for a few seconds.
Ink up your block with Versacraft Ink Pads or any water-based block printing ink.
Press your block onto your paper or fabric to make your print!
When you have finished printing, clean your block with a baby-wipe or damp sponge. Use the heat gun to restore the block to its original flat surface ready
for your next texture or, if you would like to keep your block as it is, leave it and the texture will still be there next time you pick it up!
Lots of different objects can be used to create different blocks. Try rubber bands:
…or copper pipes:
…or keys:
Try using the blocks to create cards:
Indian Woodblocks make a brilliant impression
in the blocks too:
To print with Magic Stamps you will need:
  • Heat Stamps
  • A heat gun (a hair dryer will not create as good an impression as when using a heat gun)
  • Versacraft Ink Pads or other water-based block printing ink
  • Paper, cards or fabric on which to print
  • Objects and textures to create your blocks
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