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Removing Ternes Burton Tabs from Delicate Papers

Removing Ternes Burton Tabs from Delicate Papers

Sometimes, when we use Ternes Burton pins and tabs, the tape sticks to the printing paper making a mess. We can choose to cut our paper a little longer so the excess can be trimmed but there’s another way that doesn’t waste paper! Watch the video below or read on.

If you haven’t heard of using Ternes Burton pins and tabs for print registration, check them out here and watch the videos on the page.

When we use Ternes Burton tabs, masking tape is usually used to secure them to the printing paper. Removing this tape can damage delicate papers.

To help remove the tape more easily, simply use a hair dryer to warm it up as you peel! The tape should come off without leaving any sticky residue behind or damaging the paper fibres.

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