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  • Editioning Prints

    Editioning Prints

    One of the great things about printmaking is that one design can be used to create a whole edition of prints. That being said, editioning is something that some printmakers can find frustrating if you just want to get on with the next design! Knowing how to edition, sign and number your prints can be … Continue reading "Editioning Prints"
  • Making a Carborundum Gel Plate

    Making a Carborundum Gel Plate

    Akua Carbundum Platemaking Gel is a great new product that allows you to make high contrasted, textured intaglio plates. The gel can be screen printed onto a plate and printed with Akua Intaglio Inks. Drypoint Plastic makes a perfect plate with a wipe-clean surface.   To make our own Caborundum Gel plate we used an … Continue reading "Making a Carborundum Gel Plate"
  • Tetra Pak Drypoint and Collagraph Printing

    Tetra Pak Drypoint and Collagraph Printing

    When we first heard the news that Tetra Pak cartons could be used for printmaking, we were excited to try it out. We started to collect all the cartons we had at home and got ready to put them to a new use in the studio. Here’s a little project to get started using Tetra … Continue reading "Tetra Pak Drypoint and Collagraph Printing"
  • Which Inks Can I Use?

    Which Inks Can I Use?

    Knowing which inks to use for which printing project can be a minefield. There are different inks for screen printing, relief printing and intaglio. Some can be used for more than one technique, some are only suited to one. Some can be used for printing onto fabric, some only for paper. We’ve created a chart … Continue reading "Which Inks Can I Use?"
  • Printing with the Xcut Xpress

    Printing with the Xcut Xpress

    The Xcut Xpress is traditionally used as a die cutting machine but has found a whole new life as a printing press! This small scale machine is portable, affordable and can produce amazing quality prints. We used our Xcut Xpress with Extended Print Bed and Felt to produce a linocut, a drypoint etching and a …
  • Printing with Chine Collé

    Printing with Chine Collé

    Chine Collé is a technique that allows you to add colour to your prints without making another block. Using Chine Collé you are able to print on much finer, more delicate papers which are bonded onto a more sturdy paper during the printing process. Japanese papers are often used but you can try tissue papers, …
  • Printing an Easy Card Cut Collagraph

    Printing an Easy Card Cut Collagraph

    Collagraphy is a printing process in which a collaged plate is made and printed from.The different surfaces on the plate print varied tones and textures. Natural materials, papers and mediums can be  added and are usually covered in a layer of shellac or varnish that is left to dry before printing. Here’s our method for …
  • Drypoint Printing

    Drypoint Printing

    Drypoint is an intaglio printmaking method that involves scratching an image into a plate with a pointed tool. These lines create a burr that holds ink, meaning that the print reveals the drawing. Intaglio printmaking is the opposite of relief printmaking as it is the positive marks that are printed rather than the areas that are left behind...