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Basic Batik

Basic Batik

A simple guide to batik. 

Step 1

Pin the fabric tightly to a frame using silk pins or drawing pins. Draw the design on lightly using a pencil.

Step 2

Mix up a dye base using 1 litre warm water with 10 tbsp Urea and 1 tsp of Calgon. Mix 1/2 tsp Lemon Yellow Procion MX dye, 1 tsp of Soda Ash and 100mls dye base. Paint the design onto the fabric. Leave to dry.

Step 3

Put the tjanting into the hot wax and allow to heat. If the bowl is hot the wax will stay hot and ensure that it penetrates the fabric. Draw wax onto the fabric to retain areas you wish to remain yellow. 

Step 4

Repeat steps 2 & 3 with each additional colour. Using wax to retain each colour. We used Lemon Yellow, Scarlet Red, Magenta, Red Brown and Indigo building up the colours from light to dark. 

Step 5

Paint wax onto all areas you wish to retain. It is advisable to turn the frame over and coat the underside to ensure no gaps. 

Step 6

Paint the entire design with Indigo Procion MX dye. If you would like a crackle pattern on the design you need to remove the fabric from the frame and screw up the fabric to crack the wax before painting.

Step 7

Leave the dyes to react with the fibres for at least 24 hours. Leave to dry and then iron out the wax using a hot, dry iron and brown paper. Rinse and then wash the design using Colsperse to remove excess dye. 

Step 8

The finished piece!

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