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Paper Stencil Screen Printing

Paper Stencil Screen Printing

A quick introductory guide to screen printing with a paper stencil.

Step 1

Draw the outline of the image you wish to print.

Step 2

Using a craft knife, cut out the image. You want to keep the outline of the image and any infill pieces. 

Step 3

Stuff the garment with a sheet of newspaper to stop ink reaching the rear of the garment. 

Step 4

Position your stencil where you want the image to be, remembering to position any infill pieces. 

Step 5

Lay your taped screen onto the stencil. Check there are no gaps around the outside of your stencil. If there are add an extra layer of tape. 

Step 6

Put a thick bead of ink along the top edge of your screen. 

Step 7 

Flood your screen with ink by pulling the squeegee across it lightly at a 45′ angle. Then repeat with a little force, when you have printed correctly there should be no ink on top of the mesh and the noise of the squeegee pull should sound a bit like a zip! 

Step 8

Lift the screen from your garment by pressing on one side and lifting the other (a bit like opening a book). Leave the garment to dry and then iron to fix. 

You will need:

  • Screen
  • Squeegee to fit
  • Paper to cut your stencil – photocopy paper is good – layout paper is better
  • Craft knife
  • Water-based fabric ink such as Speedball
  • A padded surface to print onto – a folded sheet is good
  • A Garment
  • Newspaper

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