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Custom Screen Specifications and Artwork Guides

Custom Screen Specifications and Artwork Guides

If you're thinking about ordering a custom screen with us, we need your artwork to the specifications laid out in this blog post. 

First, these are the technical specifications we require

  • Flattened PDF format only (no JPG or PNG, and no Photoshop or Illustrator files)
  • Portrait
  • 300 dpi resolution, no pixilation
  • Artwork must be black and white with no greys or colours
  • Text in your design needs to be rasterized or vectored

    Next, page sizes and artwork sizes

    Your artwork needs to be sized correctly for the screen you are ordering, as outlined below. In design programmes, the 'Page Size' is sometimes called 'Artboard Size' or 'Document Size' and can usually be edited by finding the 'Page Settings' or 'Document Settings'.

    Screen Size Page Size / Artboard Size Max Artwork Size*
     32cm x 32cm 21cm wide x 29.7cm high 19cm wide x 19cm high
    A4 21cm wide x 29.7cm high 19cm wide x 27.7cm high
    A3 29.7cm wide x 42cm high 27.7cm wide x 40cm high
    A3+ 33cm wide x 48.3cm high 31cm wide x 46.3cm high
    A2 42cm wide x 59.4cm high 40cm wide x 57.4cm high


    *If your artwork is very close to the max artwork size, we would recommend choosing the next screen up instead. Allowing a bit of 'breathing room' around your artwork will help you maintain better squeegee pressure, and provide a better print. 

    Within the page size, please leave a clearance of at least 1cm within the page size, all around the edge. This is already reflected in the max artwork size specified above. This gap is to enable us to produce your film positive. Our downloadable templates at the bottom of this page can help you with this.


    Finally, some design considerations

    Your artwork needs to be designed with the following in mind:
    • It must be black and white with no greys or colours. Please make sure that your design is true black (#00000).
    • What is black will print, so design it exactly how you want it printed. 
    • You don't need to invert the colour of your design, or mirror reverse the image.
    • Any text in your design needs to be rasterized or vectored.
    • Your file needs to be portrait format. You may need to lay your artwork on the portrait page at a 90° angle
    • For more information about making hand drawn artwork ready for a screen, please read this blog post
    • If you would like to discuss half-toned images, please email us
    • Artwork with small details may not suitable for fabric printing, please email us to discuss


    Artwork Templates

    If you're unsure about the size of your artwork, we've prepared a few templates to help you. You can use these when you're making your artwork, or getting it ready for screens.

    32cm x 32cm - Photoshop File / PDF / JPG

    A4 - Photoshop File / PDF / JPG

    A3 - Photoshop File / PDF / JPG

    A3+ - Photoshop File / PDF / JPG

    A2Photoshop File / PDF / JPG


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