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Easy Fabric Printing with a Cardboard Tube

Easy Fabric Printing with a Cardboard Tube
Here is a quick, easy printmaking method that requires almost no specialist equipment at all! This project is great for adults and children alike and is perfect for loosening up your creativity.
Rummage through the recycling bin to fish out a couple of toilet roll or kitchen roll tubes. To create different shapes, fold the ends of the tubes. For a four pointed star/flower, fold the tube in half...
...turn it 90 degrees and fold again...
...hold the tube flat side up and fold down again...
...turn and fold once more. Manipulate the folds so that they alternate in and out.
Prepare your space for printing. Using a slightly padded surface will give better results. Laying a couple of tea towels under your fabric will help. Smooth your fabric down on top.
Spoon a little Fabric Paint onto a tray.
To print, dip the end of the tube in the paint and stamp it onto the fabric. You may be able to print a few stamps before dipping it back into the paint. Print in a scatter pattern or in rows.
Combine different shapes and colours to create a unique pattern.
Once the paint is completely dry, iron it with a dry iron until the fabric feels too hot to comfortably touch. This will allow your fabric to be washable.
For this project you will need:
  • Fabric paint
  • Cardboard tubes
  • Tray or plate for paint
  • Fabric to print on
  • Padding for surface underneath fabric (a towel is fine)
  • Iron for heat setting prints
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