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How to Clean Caligo Inks

How to Clean Caligo Inks

Caligo Inks are oil-based but water-washable so they are a fantastic option for your printmaking practice but how do we clean up after using them? Read on or scroll to the bottom of the page for a video.

No solvents or special cleaners are needed to clean up Cranfield’s Caligo Inks. Fill an old jug or bowl with cold water. Add a little washing up liquid and mix. Use a rag or sponge to squeeze a little of the soapy water onto the inky plate. Use the same rag to wipe the plate until the ink is gone. It’s that simple! Use a dry rag to finish wiping the plate and remove any excess inky water.

If there is still a lot of ink on the roller, roll it onto a piece of scrap paper to remove excess. Alternatively, roll the roller onto the inking plate and wipe up as before. Use a soapy rag to clean the ink off the roller. Use a clean, dry rag to dry.

For your blocks, use a soapy rag to wipe ink from the surface. Traditional lino shouldn’t get too wet as it can warp.

Sometimes white ink (or yellow) can be a little stubborn. In that case, squirt a little washing up liquid straight from the bottle onto the ink, wipe to work the soap into the ink and then clean as before.

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