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Printing Postcards onto Ply!

Printing Postcards onto Ply!

Our Japanese Ply is also perfect for posting – thin and light enough to be classed as a standard letter by Royal Mail. Who wouldn’t want to receive this hardwearing postcard? This method of printing can also be used for paper and is a great low-cost press that will give you surprisingly good, consistent results.

You will need:

  • Japanese Ply – two sheets one as a print block and one as the postcard
  • Newspaper
  • Piece of wood that is larger than your Ply – try to use a flat piece as you need the pressure to be consistent.
  • Your weight!

Place some newspaper onto the floor and place your inked up Ply facing upwards on top.

Place your Plywood Postcard on top. It is good to give this a light sand and a brush to remove any debris.

Place some more newspaper on top. This is especially important when printing on paper.

Place your piece of wood on top – we used an old floorboard.

Stand on to the floor board for a few seconds. Try not to move as you do not want the image smudging.


The finished postcard!


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