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Printing with Block Printing Medium and acrylic paint

Printing with Block Printing Medium and acrylic paint

Block Printing Medium transforms acrylic paints into usable block printing inks. Simply mix the medium with your paints and roll onto your block! Here’s how:



Mix your Block Printing Medium with acrylic paint in a ratio of 3:2. If you want to print in a specific colour, mix your acrylic colour first and then add your medium when you’re happy with the shade. I did not do this, because I’m reckless.



When you’ve mixed your ink, roll out a thin, velvety layer. Your roller should make a zzz sound and not be squelchy. If it is, remove some ink and roll out again.



Roll your ink onto your block – we’re using a sheet of lino that we carved earlier…



Place your paper on top if your block – we’re using Kent printmaking paper.

Use a baren to transfer the ink to your paper by rubbing it all over the back.




This block printing ink will layer up well for a multi-block or reduction print. It is translucent (unless you’ve added a lot of white – experiment with

your colours for layering first) so will show some of the base colour through.


To print with block printing medium you will need:
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