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The Endless Possibilities of a Square Block Repeat

The Endless Possibilities of a Square Block Repeat

Using a simple square block can create a myriad of possibilities of pattern.

We have used Speedy Carve and Versafine inks for this project.

  1. Cut a square from the Speedy Carve using a scalpel.
  2. Draw a quarter circle curve on the block using a pencil. Above the curve draw some simple lines fanning from the corner towards the curve.
  3. Cut along the curved line with a scalpel – don’t press too hard as you only want to cut down about 1mm. Use a fine V lino tool to cut along the fan lines – we used a Pfeil 12/1.
  4. Using a wider U gouge – we used a Pfeil 11/3 to clear away the underside of the curve – cut from the corner towards the curve to create a fan design. We wanted to cut most of the block away here.
  5. The finished block
  6. Draw an arrow on the back of your block to know which direction it will print.

Now the fun begins!

A simple straight design – keeping the arrow pointing up. The lilac square will indicate how to position the block.

Alternate rows.

Alternate columns will create a semi-circle repeat.

Alternate semi-circle repeat.

Full circle repeat. This is a rotating square.

Staggered full rotation. This is a repeating square.

Staggered full rotation – alternate rows. This is a repeating rectangle.

Half turn repeat.

Half turn repeat – alternate rows.

Three Quarter turn repeat.

Rotating Weave repeat

Rotating Weave repeat turned 90′ – this one is mind-boggling!

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