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New Cranfield Traditional Oil Based Relief Ink

New Cranfield Traditional Oil Based Relief Ink

We are thrilled to have Cranfield’s new Traditional Relief Inks in stock. Cranfield make the hugely popular Caligo Safe Wash Inks. These new traditional relief inks are oil based, highly pigmented and come in a wide range of colours including gold and silver! We couldn’t wait to get our hands on that gold. Take a look at our first print with this lovely new ink. 


The ink rolls our beautifully. We’re using a Hawthorn Roller which looks gorgeous in this colour. 

To get the perfect print, we prepared a board with Ternes Burton Registration Pins and stuck the lino block down with double sided tape. This way, we can get our print exactly where we want it and can re-ink if necessary. We prepared some black paper with Ternes Burton Stripping Tabs before inking up our block. 

We used a Bamboo Baren to take our print. 

The inks printed beautifully on the black paper. They have a high proportion of pigment so show up on the black very well. It was not necessary to re-ink the block – this print is with one inking. 

We cleaned up with vegetable oil and finished with white spirit to remove any residue from the roller. Apart from the gold and silver, the other Traditional Inks can be cleaned up with Zest-it

We are so impressed with this ink – it was easy and quick to use and looks stunning on black paper. You can find the full range of Cranfield Traditional Oil Based Inks and everything we used below:


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